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Bridging civil society and government agencies:
Partnership for development policy formulation in the Asia Pacific region

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28 July 2014
From Afghanistan to disaster relief in the Pacific: Civil-Military Interaction and how the ACMC supports the development of capability.
Seminar Venue: 29-106 (Hass Seminar room, entrance from Bldg 28 front)
Time: 12:10 - 13:30
Judy Swann OAM, Director Civil-Military Concepts, Australian Civil-Military Centre
Chair: A/Prof Stuart Pearson PEMS UNSW


The ACMC is a centre based in Defence which aims to support the government and NGOs in Australia to develop national civil-military capabilities to prevent, prepare for and respond more effectively to conflicts and disasters overseas.. As part of this support the ACMC has a robust research program which sources research on issues as diverse as the rule of law in the Security Council, to the role of the private sector in disaster response, to civil-military interaction in Afghanistan. Judy Swann is the Director of Civil-Military Concepts at the ACMC and will give an overview if the ACMC's work and focus particularly on some aspects of the ACMC's projects on Women, Peace and Security, Security Sector Reform and the development of Civil-Military capabilities in conflicts and disasters overseas.

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