School of Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS)

Professor David Lovell

The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is one of four academic schools of the Canberra campus of the University of New South Wales, located at the Australian Defence Force Academy. The University is one of Australia's Group of Eight (Go8) researchintensive universities, and is ranked among the top universities in the world.

The School is composed of five programs – Applied Ethics, English, History, Indonesian Studies and International and Political Studies - and the research conducted by its academic staff is wide-ranging. There is, nevertheless, a concentration of research strengths in a number of areas, including: Australian literature; military history; strategic and security studies; and studies of the Asia-Pacific region with an emphasis on Southeast Asia.

World-class research distinguishes our School, but also adds an essential element of quality to our core goal of educating the best leaders for Defence. It enables us to attract postgraduate research candidates from across the world, and to participate in international forums as respected voices to contemporary debates.

Enhancing our research, and thereby attracting high quality postgraduate research candidates, is the Academy Library, widely recognised as one of the three largest and finest military history and strategic studies libraries in the world. The School has a strategic plan to improve further our research culture and profile, by building research links with the UNSW main campus in Sydney, by encouraging agreements and exchanges with overseas universities, and by engaging with the Defence community.

This annual report encapsulates the research initiatives within the School to provide a supportive research environment for both staff and research students to pursue quality research. It records our activities and publications in 2010, as well as highlighting some of our research achievements.

The research undertaken in our School is exciting and innovative. I encourage you to contact our researchers if you would like further information about their activities, or if you would like to work with them.

Professor David Lovell
Head of School